January 2014 Board Minutes

Sandall Board Meeting
California Western School of Law
Friday January 23, 2014
1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

In Attendance:

Barbara Glennan, President
Anna Russell, (Interim) Vice President
Robert Wickman, Treasurer
Michele Knapp, (Interim) Secretary
Brent Bernau, PastPresident

Call to Order by President at 1:30pm

Board Reports

Treasurer Report—Robert Wickman

  • Report of current budget with details about expenditures since last meeting, including the holiday party.  See Enclosure 1.
  • Membership roster discussed and is current with member emails included.  The treasurer will email to the board.

Secretary Report—Anna Russell (resigning)

  • Social Media Committee committee/chair – would be great for the organization to have a person updating our social media outlets
  • The eNewsletter will be tested this Spring with a transition scheduled for the Fall.

Vice President’s Report –Shannon Malcom (resigning)

  • VP is relocating for employment purposes and has resigned his board membership.
  • According to the bylaws, within 6 mo of new board elections, the President will appoint an interim VP to complete the current term, which ends at the annual business meeting. The President will obtain Shannon’s official resignation as well as the Secretary’s official resignation.  Once resignations are in, the President will appoint Anna Russell to VP and Michele Knapp to Secretary.
  • Motion approved unanimously thanking Shannon for his service and leadership and a thank you will be sent out via the listserv.
  • The February brownbag is scheduled.
  • Planning for the March brownbag and April/May events will be coordinated by the interim VP.

 Past President’s Report—Brent Bernau

  • Joint Reception status & deposit
  • AALL Pacific Chapter reception is planned for Pat O’Brien’s restaurant with food and beverage menu planned.  Motion unanimously approved to pay upfront a $500 deposit with other chapter payments planned for Fall
  • Nominations Committee – the bylaws require one member from the previous year to serve and that the committee submit a slate of candidates to the Board 9 weeks prior to the annual business meeting, or approximately April 16.
  • Suggestion to move Fall Workshop to January or February.  Motion unanimously approved to recommend to the next board that the SANDALL Workshop move to a later time frame to accommodate the planning schedule.
  • Note that the 2014 holiday party will need a new location because the Inn at the Park is converting to a time-share property and is rumored to be putting a health club into the Penthouse.  Thus, they will stop catering parties in that space.  Brent did on-site locations visits in 2011 and can be contacted for recommendations for a 2014 party location.

 President’s Report—Barbara Glennan

  • Call for volunteers continues.
  • Meeting with John Adkins (newly elected AALL Board) on ideas for greater SANDALL involvement in AALL.
  • AALL is currently holding an election on bylaws amendment to add ‘gender identity’.  Results on Feb. 3, goes into effect immediately.  Chapters must comply with AALL’s provisions.  Board agrees that SANDALL is in compliance with the AALL anti-discrimination bylaws but the 2014-15 board should revisit this issue next year.

New Business

  • Current VP’s move and change of role.  Michele Knapp (acting) Secretary and Anna Russell (acting) Vice President to be effective from the date of this board meeting.
  • Upcoming election scheduled for May.  Ballots must go out 6 weeks prior to annual business meeting (approximately May 7). The deadline for casting votes is 3 weeks prior (approximately May 28).
  • Updating the online directory.  The webmaster will revisit the online directory procedures and email the membership with a reminder for making changes to their entries in the directory.  Betsy Chessler has offered to compile a print directory and distribute at the annual meeting.

Wrap Up & Future Agenda Items

  • The next board meeting is scheduled for Mar 12 at 8:30am; location: the Corner Bakery, Mission Valley.

Adjournment at 3:00 pm

Motion to adjourn made by the president, seconded by vice president, approved unanimously.