November 2013 Board Minutes

Sandall Board Meeting

Wednesday November 13, 2013
3 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

In Attendance:

Barbara Glennan, President
Shannon Malcolm, Vice-President
Robert Wickman, Treasurer
Anna Russell, Secretary
Brent Bernau, PastPresident

Call to Order by President at 1:25pm

Board Reports

Treasurer Report—Robert Wickman

  • Paypal has been investigated.  While membership requested the possibility of allowing for paypal for membership renewals and events, the cost and setup appears to outweigh the benefits.  Board acknowledged that ways to pay member dues by credit would be well-received by the members so the treasurer and VP will look into how to receive membership fees by credit, possibly with an mobile application.
  • Treasurer will post and keep current, the membership roster.  We currently have 103 active members.
  • Treasurer will update the procedure SANDALL has for debit card users.  Decision reached based upon bank processes to start the new process of making the VP and treasurer receive debit cards next SANDALL board.  Treasurer will maintain the debit card for the remainder of this year.
  • Bill from Gabriel Ahn, our accountant, provides 2013 tax services.  Check will be paid this month for taxes, which will come due every November.
    • Tax records will be recorded in wiki, hardcopy, and electronic.\
    • SANDALL business year is July 1 – June 30 every year.
    • Treasurer’s report for November (Sept 23 – Nov 13) is added to the minutes as enclosure 1.
    • Tax and EID issues: letter is being sent to the IRS to dissociate SANDALL with one of the two tax numbers.  Added to the minutes as enclosure 2.

Secretary Report—Anna Russell

  • E-newsletter update.  The newsletter committee has demo’d 2 newsletter services that work with the webpage.  We are still working on design.  Secretary & Newsletter editor will poll the membership regarding the newsletter: What kind of news do members want to see? How long do you want your newsletter?
  • Secretary has now emailed login procedures to all board members for the SANDALL procedures wiki:  To access the SANDALL board and committee Procedures Manual, visit: *You need to have a gmail account and be added to the wiki by a current board member in order to work within the wiki.  Sign-in at the bottom of the wiki.

Vice President’s Report –Shannon Malcom

  • Fall Workshop details/wrap-up: Approximately 17 attendees; receipts for expenses have been given to treasurer.  Docket Navigator and CEB have sponsored the party.  Lexis, Docket Navigator and CEB have sponsored the workshop.
  • Review Schedule of Additional Programming:  Holiday party coming Dec 3rd.  Motion by past-president for party prices to be – Members: $30, member + significant other: $55, nonmembers: $35.  Motion unanimously approved.  Holiday registration form will be created.

Past President’s Report—Brent Bernau

  • 2014 AALL Joint Reception Update: worked with the law librarians in San Antonio.  An off-convention site for the reception is being worked on.  Many locations are near the Riverwalk and within walking distance of the convention center.  Space will be reserved in the convention center by the deadline.

President’s Report—Barbara Glennan

  • President will send out a new call for volunteers in newsletter. Nominations, Social Responsibility are Vacant.  Motion made and unanimously agreed to remove Library School Liaison from title and include in Buddies description.
  • Committee descriptions – president will email chairs to request for committee descriptions so that we can add them to the Officer Directory on the website.
  • Katie Brown sent thank you note after attending the Fall Workshop and it will be shared in the newsletter.


Old Business


Grant budget for new year: still in process based upon what the vendors are providing.

The archive chair has received historical materials from the president and tax return materials.


New Business

Discussion of SANDALL incorporation – Should SANDALL obtain a PO Box? Cost is $60 annual.  Board majority found that PO Box would be too difficult to check on a regular basis.  Recommendation to look into USD as the permanent mailbox.

Recommendation made to have an old/new board members meeting in May, possibly after the business meeting.

Wrap Up & Future Agenda Items

Jan meeting scheduled following the brownbag on Jan 24 at TJSL.


Motion to adjourn made by the president, seconded by vice president, approved unanimously.