September 2013 Board Minutes

Sandall Board Meeting
University of San Diego
Monday, September 23, 2013
3 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

 In Attendance:

Barbara Glennan, President
Shannon Malcolm, Vice-President
Robert Wickman, Treasurer
Anna Russell, Secretary
Brent Bernau, PastPresident

Call to Order by President at 3:10 p.m.

August meeting minutes were approved via email 08/13 and are posted on the website.

Board Reports

1.   Treasurer Report—Robert Wickman

  • Online account setup by Robert and Barbara
    • The online account provides those with logins, access to all of SANDALLs funds immediately.
  • Discussion of an association access policy
    • Motion by the VP to have Pres, VP and Treasurer on the account with total access to the SANDALL monies.  Treasurer seconded the motion, and the motion was unanimously approved.
  • Credit Card Membership renewals
    • Request by members to be able to pay by credit card.  Treasurer will investigate the PayPal details on the SANDALL procedures wiki for future renewals and for the holiday party ticket purchase by members.
    • Secretary will email login procedures for the SANDALL procedures wiki.  Treasurer will post and keep current, the membership roster.
  • W-9 Forms for membership renewals
    • Some law offices require a W-9.  Treasurer will fill out a W-9, using the SANDALL tax ID. Decision was made to use Treasurer’s institution address for tax form.  Decision was made to use the treasurer’s address each year for official address issues.
  • Treasurer Report as Enclosure 1.

2.  Secretary Report—Anna Russell

  • Newsletter
    • Amy, Melissa, and I are working on an e-Newsletter.  We are hoping for a test newsletter by the next board mtg.
    • The newsletter committee may request the purchase of a newsletter template.  The Sept 2013 issue will be a test for the e-Newsletter.

3.   Vice President’s Report –Shannon Malcom

Programming Update:

  • Fall Workshop Agenda & Details for Approval (12 – 5pm, Oct 25)
    • USD group to talk about teaching video productions (2hr)
    • Michael Saint-Onge will talk about techniques for optimally teaching via distance learning (1hr)
    • AALL visitor (30minutes)
    • Vendors: CEB, Docket Navigator, Lexis
    • Motion passed and approved for ticket prices: $35 nonmembers, $25 members, $15 students & unemployed members.
    • VP will send the membership workshop details by Friday, Sept 27.
  • Holiday Party Proposal for Approval
    • Dec 4 date, holiday deposit due in Oct.
    • Nov 1 is the last day to cancel with 100% deposit refund.  Final guest numbers will be due a few days later.
    • Holiday Party webform for a tentative guest count will be created
    • VP will send the membership details in October, asking for an RSVP count.
  • Review Schedule of Additional Programming
    • Sep Brownbag & happy hour – Bar Basic will have free food and drink specials for upcoming brownbag
    • Oct Fall Workshop
    • Nov brownbag – conflict & dispute resolution, lunchtime topic, Michele Lucero.  Tentatively planned for 12pm, Nov 13 at Qualcomm.

4.     Past President’s Report—Brent Bernau

  • Continue work on joint pacific chapters reception for AALL.

5.   President’s Report—Barbara Glennan

  • Inviting AALL VIP for Oct 25 workshop: Holly Riccio, Jean Wenger or Steven Anderson
    • Decision to let AALL board choose which member would visit.
    • SANDALL will take the member out to dinner.
  • Motion made to offer two $25 grants to the Fall Workshop.  Motion approved.
  • Chapter liability insurance due in Oct; $1 per member (approx. $100 for SANDALL)

Old Business

Dates/Location/Times for the next board meeting: Nov., 11/13/2013 at Qualcomm, which will coincide with the November brownbag session.
Grant budget for new year: still in process based upon what the vendors are providing; Incorporation of SANDALL: still in process.

New Business

    • Nothing new to report


Motion to adjourn made by the president, seconded by vice president, approved unanimously.

Enclosure 1

Treasurer’s Report – 9/23/13 (covers August 12 – September 23, 2013)

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